BE ADVISED: 11th Millennium is intended for an adult audience. Any given page may contain “R-rated” content, such as adult language, nudity, sexuality, and violence.



11th Millennium tells the story of Hotaru Ito, a native of the terraformed world of Siduri XII in the far future.

The comic is drawn on a Mac Pro running Mac OS 10.9, using a 12 inch Cintiq and GIMP 2.6.11, with 3D modeling in support of the comic being done in Blender 2.49 and MakeHuman 0.9; the website is hosted by DreamHost and powered by WordPress with a ComicPress theme.


My name is Thomas Hinterberg. I’m 23 and live near Washington, DC. I’ve been drawing comics for the past three years; before that I spent some time trying (with very occasional success) to make movies. In other universes, I build real rockets and fly imaginary airplanes.

If you’d like to contact me, send me an e-mail at <> or post a comment on the Comments page.